Maria Theodoridou


Poseidon MED II Project Management Team, Associate, Corporate Development Activities Division, DEPA S.A.

Maria Theodoridou has been closely associated with the promotion and adoption of LNG as a marine fuel in the East Mediterranean Sea since 2013, when the first dedicated EU co-financed project was launched. Working initially in QEnergy as project coordinator, in 2015 she moved to the Public Gas Corporation of Greece (DEPA S.A.), where she continues to coordinate the Poseidon Med II project in her capacity of member of the Project Management Team in the Division of Strategy and Corporate Development. Born in 1985 she gained a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a Masters in Energy: Strategy, Law & Economics from the University of Piraeus. Maria has over 10 years of experience in Business Development, which includes project management, marketing and corporate strategy development.

Title: LNG as an alternative marine fuel; Developments and perspectives

The presentation will be focused on the adoption of LNG as an alternative marine fuel. Poseidon Med II, which is currently the largest EU co-financed project for LNG Bunkering Project in the East Mediterranean will be presented along with the recent developments in the European industry. How the creation of this new market could contribute to perspectives of ports, reduction of emissions and investments and how it could boost the national competitiveness and sustainable development?